Enumerating daily headaches.


(Disclaimer: Contains words that may be deemed offensive, I am not responsible for your gasps, if you’re a snowflake or virtue signalling SJW please move on!)

Traffic towards this site will mostly be directed from twitter where I have some presence, it is a relatively new handle, but by no means am I alien to twitter, only that some of my more heartfelt views have become “controversial” and seem to offend snowflakes who have the audacious weakness of getting hurt by words.

I had traversed the twitterscape with the hope of sharing concise views and engaging those with diverse views, however to my initial disappointment and later amusement, much of the landscape is dominated by Liberal SJW with alarmingly poor knowledge and a surprisingly high sense of superiority. The variety and shades of liberals with whom I have had to contend would have been hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.

While I have been generous in giving the above as the title, the ideal nature of any “debate” on twitter if it ever occurred would be a vitaṇḍa, where the opponent simply does not establish any siddhānta/premise or state anything coherent. I am by no means being condescending, in my limited experience of reading Leftist work, interacting with their proponents, or observing their more prominent members pontificate, I have only noticed emotion as the rallying point of their argument, “How can you be so mean?”, “You’re a bigot”, “I have so-so friends who aren’t like that”, “I haven’t read that, but I’m pretty sure it is going to be this way”, “Blocking, bye!”

The finest of the Conservatives seem to move along those lines as well, as one guy so eloquently put, “The centre has shifted so far Left that even the Right Wing are more Left than before.” Now for a slight detour.

To ensure full disclosure, I was a Hindu-Liberal who believed that Hinduism allows one to do anything and everything. This attitude I slowly realised will open up Dharma to attacks, predominantly where it is shown to have a flimsy and weak foundation. In essence, if you can do anything and be a Hindu, why be a Hindu at all? Just 6 months before I would have been appalled to consider myself a right winger (not that I am not now), however, in short months I have long since leapfrogged this and have decided to be a Hindu Traditionalist.

Traditionalism affords me the freedom which I did not have as a liberal. I find my freedom when I perform my duty, it is rather like a living epiphany and I would recommend everyone to try it (More on this later). Now that that is out of the way.

Let us embark on the classification:

  • Femimorons: I do not mean women who fight genuine misogyny, abusive husbands, workplace harassment and other relevant female problems; I mean the ones who whine and whine about men, who “joke” about killing all men, who are the epitome of hypocrisy, the weirdo objectifiers who accuse men of doing the same things they themselves do to other women, self righteous hags the lot of them! They have this weird notion that abortion sets them free! One moron was happily tweeting about aborting 6 foetuses! Haven’t you heard of contraception? This group has skewed notions of the world and an immense hatred towards the average male. However they seem to cheer all manner of gender confusions, family breakdowns, and social order collapse. They’re not interested in reform, rather outright destruction of existing structures. The replacement models they provide are so outrageously moronic that I often wonder if they shared a brain.
  • Male Femimorons: This is a peculiar self-hate group which subscribes to the above species’ worldview but is uniquely comprised of SJW men. I have my doubts regarding their motives, which primarily seems to involve some pant scoring. However, their effete whines boils my blood more than the women. Men aren’t supposed to be such grovelling ninnies. Of course, showing emotion is fine, but if you enter an adult conversation and throw tantrums, you get treated as a toddler. Period. Especially fighting others’ battles, calling for the destruction of your own species, inflicting physical and emotional damage on yourself are signs that you have an unhealthy life, which however does not give you the right to ruin other people’s lives!
  • Transcendent Imbeciles: This is that species which seems to think that its words are beyond criticism, often employing vague words which can be defended both ways depending on who’s arguing. Two guys arguing with this species with different points of view would reduce it into a weeping mess. Such creeps add absolutely no value in a conversation. They’re usually found sharing other TI’s work and feeling smug about it.
  • The Pedant: This creature has only one arsenal up its sleeve, Language. When confronted with an uncomfortable point, this cretin would make fun of your grammar, spelling, anything at all. It’s finishing move is, “Go learn English before talking to me!” This bug is best dealt with a reply in a different language which it does not know, ridiculing its peabrain and pompous ego.
  • Academic: The Alpha of the pack, a professor in some obscure branch of pseudo-study, like Gender Studies, Psycho-anthropology, toiletries, etc. It produces peer reviewed papers on tax payer money, usually on topics such as this, or this. These links are based just off the first few tweets of this handle. Imagine what other nonsense is being churned out. Imagine these pollutants infecting your kids!

Engaging any one of them ensures a day of migraine afterwards, because they bombard your brain with stupidity which is irreconcilable to the sane mind. How people can cook up such nonsense is beyond me, and I do not want to descend into the quagmire and psychoanalyse them. All of them have victim cards within their reach and don’t hesitate to label you for disagreeing with them. They’re very liberal like that.

Our ancestors would laugh at the quality of opponents we’ve chosen for ourselves, precisely why they left instructions on not to get down to the level of a fool as he’d defeat us with experience.

What remains is to engage with those minds, who have genuinely bright ideas but terrific misconceptions, people who can be taught, people who can teach us. The rest of the babble will be replaced in a few generations anyway.

(pic courtesy of Bharata)

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